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Inshore and Offshore Activities: Differences and Characteristics

The terms “inshore” and “offshore” define the geographical location and nature of maritime activities, influencing the equipment required for each case. In our store, we offer specialized maritime clothing that meets the needs of both inshore and offshore activities, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability.
Inshore Activities

Inshore activities are carried out close to the shore, in shallow waters, and include:

Coastal Fishing: For coastal fishermen, we provide waterproof clothing, gloves, and protective accessories that offer comfort and protection from the weather conditions.

Coastal Navigation: We offer windproof, waterproof, and thermal clothing for sailing and navigating in coastal areas.

Coastal Oil and Gas Extraction: Specialized workwear that protects against the weather and ensures worker safety.

Characteristics of Inshore Clothing:

  • Weather Resistance: Helly Hansen clothing is designed to withstand wind, rain, and humidity, offering protection to users.
  • Comfort and Freedom of Movement: Designed for comfort and ease of movement, inshore clothing is ideal for activities requiring flexibility.
  • Safety: Many garments feature reflective elements and protective characteristics for increased safety.
Offshore Activities

Offshore activities take place farther from the shore, in deep waters, and require specialized clothing:

Offshore Fishing: Durable waterproof and protective clothing for fishermen working in open seas.

Offshore Oil and Gas Extraction: We equip workers with durable workwear that protects against extreme weather conditions and the hazards of the job.

Characteristics of Offshore Clothing:

  • High Durability: Helly Hansen clothing is made from high-durability materials that protect against harsh weather conditions and wear.
  • Thermal Insulation: We offer clothing that maintains body temperature in extreme conditions, ensuring comfort and protection.
  • Protection and Safety: Our clothing meets the highest safety standards, offering protection from hazards such as cold, moisture, and injuries.


The main difference between inshore and offshore activities is the distance from the shore and the consequent differences in equipment needs. In our store, we offer maritime clothing that meets the requirements of both these sectors, with products that are reliable, durable, and suitable for the specific conditions of each activity. Visit us to find the right clothing equipment to help you meet the needs of your maritime activity, whether inshore or offshore.